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Cover Reveal! (And a new book to go with it!)

Hi, friend! It's been far too long since I checked in. For that, I apologize. I promise to to better keeping in touch. That's because there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon.

For an appetizer, I've signed a contract for a 3-book mystery series featuring Elmo Simpson, an animal removal specialist who turns to sleuthing when a friend is charged with a bizarre murder involving a locked condo and an alligator. The first book in the series will be arriving in September 2024.

Now for the main course! Book 2 in my Darcy Gaughan Mysteries arrives April 25! Here's the cover.

Hope you like it. I sure do!

And now, for the blurb:

The town of Marysburg, Indiana, is buzzing with excitement when legendary British blues guitarist Derek Tufnell appears at Marysburg Music to sign autographs and chat with fans the afternoon before a performance at the Marysburg Center for the Performing Arts. The meet-and-greet session is a huge success and record store owner Darcy Gaughan couldn’t be more pleased with how the event went. 

Darcy’s glee turns to despair when, only hours later, Derek is found murdered in his dressing room. Fingers are pointed at her, since she was the last one seen with him. In order to keep her freedom, and the record store open, Darcy begins her own investigation and soon finds the number of suspects is exceeded only by the number of hit songs in Derek’s music catalog.

I can't wait for you find out what Darcy and her crew in Marysburg are up to. You can pre-order a copy for Kindle right now by clicking here: Links for other sites will be coming soon. Thanks so much for your support.

Until next time, rock on!

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