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When her brother calls to say he’s been in an accident and needs her help, literary agent and amateur sleuth Allie Cobb doesn’t hesitate to go to him. And though she’s worried for his safety, her concern turns to confusion when she learns that he ran his truck into a ditch to avoid hitting a large safe sitting in the middle of the road. Stranger still, when the safe is opened, police discover the grisly remains of the local gun club president.

All the evidence indicates the dead man was poisoned by lethal injection, and that the drugs could only have come from Allie’s favorite veterinarian. Determined to prove the woman’s innocence, Allie’s digging reveals that the victim’s wife may have wanted him out of the picture, and also that he was embroiled in a long-running dispute with a local businessman. With no shortage of suspects and a very ominous sense of danger lurking around her, Allie will have to watch her back, because until the killer is caught, nobody’s safe . . .

What people are saying about The Allie Cobb Mysteries.


"The mystery was solid, full of twists and turns, and the solution came as a surprise." 5 Stars. Goodreads reviewer Annarella

"I recommend this book to fans of J.C. Kenney, to fans of the series, and to those who enjoy cozy mysteries featuring small town life, books, and libraries.!" Goodreads reviewer Bobbie Kirkland


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